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Natural Light Tile Skirt 13" for Attic Fan

Natural Light Tile Skirt 13" for Attic Fan
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Natural Light 13" Tile Skirt Flashing for installation of Natural Light Solar Attic Fan on Tile roofs. Please Note: The Natural Light optional Turret Extension is normally also required (sold separately).

Most Natural Light solar attic fan installations on tile roofs or Natural Light 13" Tubular Skylights on Tile roofs need an additional flashing skirt. The custom designed flashing skirt is installed over the solar attic fan flashing or 13" tubular skylight flashing during installation to ensure a weather-tight installation. The steps to install a solar attic fan on tile roofs are slightly different than a standard installation. Designed for Natural Light brand products Only. Typically used with the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan Turret Extension (sold separately).
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