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Engel 15 EMS- Constant Temp. Fridge, Freezer, Heater w/ Digital Display

Engel 15 EMS- Constant Temp. Fridge, Freezer, Heater w/ Digital Display
Engel EMS Digital Temperature Display Engel Open IV Bag Engel Optional Pad Lock Engel EMS Sturdy
Weight 27.00 lbs
Market price: $994.00
Our price: $949.99
Big Frog Mountain is proud to offer a new, compact, constant-temperature digital display Fridge/Freezer/Heater! Unlike thermoelectric powered coolers, this Engel 15 EMS unit will hold a steady temperature, regardless of the outside environmental conditions.

This new model features Engel's new 'F' series compressor, which is more quiet and runs longer. It can store up to 6 x 1 liter solutions and a drug bag. Featuring a temperature range of 5°F to 113°F, it automatically heats in winter, and cools in summer, to maintain the set temperature!

Engel model is our most verstile, offering heating, refrigeration, and freezing capabilities. It is similar to our MD14F model, but it also offers a unique efficient heating capability.

This unit can be taken anywhere over your shoulder! - all you need is a 12 Volt power supply. With a converter, it can run on a household 110 Volt AC supply. As a refrigerator, it can hold a steady interior temperature.

They are great for people on the move - all you need is a 12 Volt DC power supply.

Common Uses:
  • EMS, Ambulance, & Fire Rescue Teams - Medical transport, drug storage, therapeutic cooling therapy, & refreezing cool vests. We also offer a optional locking hasp.
  • Health Nurses - Maintain the cold chai.
  • Biologists - For blast freezing test samples in the field.
  • Personal Medications - Keep medications refrigerated or freeze ice packs.
  • Fishermen - Perfect for making ice cubes, freezing & transporting shrimp, fish, & lobster. Also good as a heater for reheating food.
  • Campers - Keep food frozen, drinks chilled, or food warm.
  • Cabins - Great for remote "Off-the-Grid" areas
  • Hunters- Freeze your meat immediately.
  • Reps on the Road - For frozen products such as cake and ice cream.
  • Home - Ideal for areas of intermittent power supplies.
  • Truckers / Freightline Drivers - Reheat food or keep it warm.
  • Ski Mobiles - Reheat food or keep it warm in your vehicle.

Model Number


Power consumption

3 Amps


14 qt.


21 cans (12 Fl.oz)


24.5 lbs.

Inside Dims

13.75" x 7.5" x 7.5"

Outside Dims


Heating Ability

From -15°C to 45°C
From 5°F to 113°F

Temperature control

Digital within 2°F

Available colors


Shoulder Strap


Refrigerant Gas


Input rating


Power Leads

9' detachable


10A thermal fuse

Max Noise

38 dB

Shipping Dims


Shipping Weight

29 lbs


2 year

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