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Engel portable coolers, fridges, freezers, & warmers can attain temperature as low as 0 degrees F, and as high as 130 degrees F. They operate from 12VDC, 24VDC, or 120VAC power sources. These units are extremely energy efficient and durable. Engel units have been used world-wide since 1963. Engel units are UL approved, CE approved, and meet ISO 9000 (the highest & most stringent standards available) quality standards!

The Engel name is world renowned for reliability in 12 Volt refrigeration. The Engel 'swing' compressor is internationally patented and is considered the most reliable compressor on the market today - it only has one moving part! To date, nearly 4 million units have been sold worldwide.

A combination of performance, durability, lower power consumption and consistent reliability has made Engel the world's premier brand of mobile refrigeration.

Light weight, and offering low power consumption, the new Engel models offer convenient, transportable freezers/refrigerators that run off 12/24 volts. They can be used in planes, cars, trucks and small boats - basically anywhere close to a 12 volt power source (including wind generators and solar panels).

Engel now also offers the best performing rugged coolers on the market. Independently tested - they simply out perform all competators.


Engel 45 Fridge & Freezer- MT45F-U1 Platinum
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