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Multi-Contact USA is dedicated to their customers' success by providing the most advanced contact technology solutions. Multi-Contact USA strives to achieve the best in employee development, products, and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Contact USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Multi-Contact AG Basel Switzerland, a leading manufacturer of precision electrical and electronic connectors. From design to manufacturing, MC connectors are produced to satisfy the highest industry standards. All Multi-Contact manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified. Their state-of-the-art connector technology offers both standard and custom designed solutions for a wide and diverse spectrum of applications. Multi-Contact's products range from miniature PCB connectors to large power connectors. Their products are used in power generation and distribution, signal and data processing, medical and monitoring instruments. MC connectors are found in supercomputers, robotic docking systems, high speed trains, photovoltaic systems, and many other applications.


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